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We have moved!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

RITE Pizza

So one night we suddenly had a craving for pizza.
Cheesy. Piping hot. Gooey. Yummy. Pizza.

I normally opt to order Canadian because I rather fancy their Singapura Special.
My brother (for some reason) prefers Pizza D'France and their eggy Sunrise Surprise.
So this time, instead of ordering Canadian or Pizza Hut or Pizza D'France , we decided to order something the wife hadn't tried before - RITE Pizza. Plus it's also 2-for-1.

 Pepperoni Pizza

That looks NOTHING like what's on the website by the way...

But anyways we ordered the Large size (14") which is enough to feed around 4-6 people per pizza if you're hungry. And as you can see from that picture, they don't exactly slice it evenly so prepare to re-slice or take 2 of the thinner slices if you need to.

Taste-wise it's not too bad. The tomato base was not too strong and they were actually generous with the toppings (which in this case was just Pepperoni and Cheese). The Pepperoni was double layered in some sections for that extra bite.

But I have to point something out.
If you are the type who loves a Cheesy pizza - then this is your choice.
They are very liberal with their cheese layer! In fact I'd even say that the cheese might even be thicker than the crust itself!

Check out that cheese layer! It's thicker than the crust lah!
And see the bits of pepperoni that gets beneath the cheese?! Makes a difference!

And FYI, that's the normal hand-tossed crust okay. They also have a thin-crust version for selected pizzas.
Can you imagine cheese on a thin crust??

Another thing I noticed about the crust is that it has this grainy texture.
This may not make much of a difference taste-wise but this tells me they roll-out their dough fresh with the order because the flour is still  on the bottom of the pizza. Excellent.

Meat Diva Pizza

That's the 2nd pizza we ordered - The Meat Diva pizza.
It's basically got ground beef, pepperoni, chicken ham. turkey bacon, mushrooms and a helluva a lot of cheese AKA something like Meat Lovers lah basically.
More toppings really made a difference I guess but for me I kinda prefer my pizza to be minimal.

Prices you ask?
Regular (10") - $21.80 // Medium (12") - $27.80 //  Large (14") - $32.80

Good news is that it's 2-for-1.
Bad news is that they accept only cash payment. So for all you CC warriors, go draw some money.

Pepperoni Pizza - 4/5 (Adam) -- 2.5/5 (Maryah)
Meat Diva Pizza - 2.5/5 (Adam) -- 3/5 (Maryah)

RITE Pizza may not be as big as Pizza Hut or Canadian 2-for-1 but I reckon it can actually stand-up to the big boys and expand their fan base in SG. Maybe next time I'll try some of the more popular pizza types like Hawaiian or something.

RITE Pizza

Delivery Hotline: 6899 3838 (Islandwide)

Operating Hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm


  1. Hi, Thanks For The Reviews/Feedback On Our Pizza. We Will Look Into It Take Note Of The Details And Insyallah We Will Try To Cater The Best We Can To People's Expectations. Once Again, Thanks. =)


    1. Hi Siti! Thanks for your comment!
      As you can see, this review was posted more than a year ago! Perhaps it's time we had some RITE Pizza again soon! :)

      Thanks again!

  2. you should try their winter special!

    1. Wow sounds good! What's in their Winter Special anyways???