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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Halal 2014 - Coming Very Soon!!


This year, The Halal Food Blog is proud to be the Official Blogger of Halal 2014 and we hope you will join us for one of the few expos which features food, fashion and much much more for the Muslim community!

The expo will be held between 20-23 March at Singapore Expo Hall 4 and is organized by MegaXpress International!!.
That's plenty of time for you to head down (especially if you're living in the east!) to explore the more than 200 stalls which will be featured at the event!

To be 100% honest with you, we've personally never visited the Halal Expos which were held in previous years. We knew they were being held but we didn't really have much information about what exactly we could expect if we visited. I guess the question that most people would be asking is "Is it really worth it for me to visit this event?". Well, now that we've done more research, we can safely say - YES!!

So what exactly can you expect when you visit Halal 2014?

Just like in the past expos, the highly-anticipated Halal food exhibition will definitely be a favourite with a lot of people. And you'll be spoiled for choice! There will be Malay, Indian, Japanese and Middle Eastern cuisine featured just to name a few. And there'll even be a Singapore Hawker Food where we can all enjoy our faves!

What's that you say? You want more info? Okay you got it!

As of now, some of the more familiar names we see on the list of exhibitors include As-Sufi Food Industries (you would probably have tried their Ready-to-Cook mixes and/or Frozen Food without even noticing!), Cendol Geylang Serai (that's right, the famous one with the black and green sign) and Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice (which some claim is the "best Mandi Rice in Singapore").

Definitely an exhibitor where you'll probably find The Halal Food Blog Team (most probably me) hanging out the most is DDSH aka DENDENG HOUSE!! OMG I'm so excited (and hungry/greedy).

I'm gonna whack 25kg of Dengdeng all by myself!
And another familiar name featured at this year's Halal Expo?
Our friends from Which?Sandwich will be there too! Oh come on... you remember them right?

Now do you remember?? :P
Well if you still don't, you can always read our original review about them by clicking HERE.

Besides food, there will also be exhibitors offering other goodies like snacks, cakes, spices, frozen foodstuff, dried foods, health products and supplements, cooking equipment and more!! With about 200 exhibitors at this upcoming Expo, you can be sure there'll be something for everyone.
And like we said, this is just the list for now. More exhibitors to be updated soon!

If you're looking for more than just food-related stuff, there will also be plenty of exciting stuff for the modern crowd with the Islamic Fashion and Lifestyle exhibitors plus the Perkahwinan and Indo Xtravaganza exhibitors!

Look out for lifestyle products such a cosmetics and fashion exhibitors (with apparel, accessories and tudung/scarves), get good advice and offers for wedding catering, photography and decor plus a whole section dedicated to exotic products all the way from Indonesia! Fabrics, fashion apparel, accessories and even furniture/decor items!

There will be plenty more happening at Halal 2014 and we're excited to be a part of it.
We will be back again soon with more information about this year's event so look out for more right here!
In the mean time, block your dates and start making plans to visit Halal 2014!
We'll see you 20-23 March at Singapore Expo Hall 4!

For more information, please visit their website at www.megaxpress.com 


Updated 19th February 2014

Besides the hundreds of stalls at Halal 2014, there's also going to be lots of fun activities for everyone to enjoy! And as promised, here's more information with more to come later!!

The first day of Halal 2014 (20 March) sees 2 special activities planned including one for the kids!

Have your little ones shown any talent with cupcakes (besides eating them!!)? Well, if they are between the ages of 7-12 years old, they can take part in the 'Creative Cupcake Decoration' competition. Time to let their creative food decorating juices flowing!

And for the young at heart, the 'Making Uduk Rice' contest might be for you!
What exactly is 'Nasi Uduk' you're asking? Well it's actually a dish from Indonesia and basically means 'Mixed Rice'. So you'll have some rice (cooked in coconut milk like Nasi Lemak) and there'll be side dishes like tempeh, meat, chicken etc. It'll be interesting to see how to contest turns out!

The 2nd day sees events like the 'Fastest Ice-Cream Eating' contest (how easy is that!) for the young ones and a 'Chendol Making' contest too!

This is just the beginning of the list of the many activities in store for you and the whole family at Halal 2014!
Drop by with the kids during these school holidays and activities are already taken care of for you!

What's better than shopping and eating?
Having fun while you're doing it!

Look out for more information coming soon about Halal 2014.
The expo will be held between 20-23 March at Singapore Expo Hall 4 and is organized by MegaXpress International!!.

For more information, please visit their website at www.megaxpress.com


Updated 9th March 2014

Less than 2 weeks to go before the biggest Halal Expo event of 2014 so far!
Halal 2014 is starting on 20th March 2014!!! The Halal Food Blog is the Official Blogger of Halal 2014 and we want to head down with YOU and explore the many delights awaiting us!

Wondering which exhibitors will be there?
Here's a short list of some of the exhibitors who are going to be there. Just keep in mind that this is not the full list and there are still more to come!!
  1. Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice (Nasi Mandi)
  2. Bukhara Briyani & Kebab (Briyani Dum)
  3. Annyeong Delights (Korean Food)
  4. Sedaplicious.com (Chocolate cakes)
  5. Cendol Geylang Serai (Cendol)
  6. The House of Lemang (Lemang)
  7. Pezzo Pizza (Pizza) --> READ OUR REVIEW
  8. Olivye (Gelato) --> READ OUR REVIEW
  9. Belle Avenue (Kebabs)
  10. Anis Chocolate Moist Cake (Chocolate cakes)
  11. TenEleven Cupcakes (Cupcakes)
  12. Orange Lantern Vietnamese Cuisine (Vietnamese cuisine)
  13. KNP Suriya Trading (Spices and Cooking Mixes)
  14. Yoshimura Co Ltd (Halal Gyoza, Shoyu, Yuzu)
  15. Champs Wrap & Roll (Kacang Pool, Satay Wraps)
  16. Dengdeng Duo (Dengdeng / BBQ Meat)
  17. Hamadino Wraps (Kebabs)
  18. Okonomi Yaki (Japanese Street Food / Takoyaki)
  19. Kebabom (Kebabs)
  20. Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks (Submarine Sandwiches) --> READ OUR REVIEW
  21. Maisal Wedding (Nasi Briyani)
  22. Bonaanza (Wraps, Pizza)
  23. Selera Putu Piring (Putu Piring)
  24. Rolling Good Popiah Basah ( Popiah Sasah, Bak Chang Dumplings)
See anyone familiar??
That's right there are some familiar names there whom we have reviewed before! You can click on the name above to read our original review! And we do see some names there that we can't wait to visit when we head down to Halal 2014!

And like we said, that's just the list so far. There are more names to be added and we will keep you updated as soon as we get the information!

Also look out for a contest coming soon where you can win goodie bags and vouchers for you to redeem with some of the exhibitors at the expo! Look out for the details on our FB page this week for your chance to win!!

Look out for more information coming soon about Halal 2014.
The expo will be held between 20-23 March at Singapore Expo Hall 4 and is organized by MegaXpress International!!.

For more information, please visit their website at www.megaxpress.com

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